The San Francisco Jobs Portal, offers San Francisco employers services to attract, grow and retain a diverse workforce without the recruiting fee. As an employer using the Jobs Portal, you get access to qualified and screened candidates, recruiting assistance, employment networking and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens after I sign up?
How will I know if someone has applied to my jobs?
What if I’m interested in connecting with a candidate?
What is the First Source Hiring Program?
I’m interested in other resources for employers offered by the City?

What happens after I sign up?

Once you have registered with the Jobs Portal, you will be contacted by a member of OEWD’s Business Services Unit and then assigned to a Job Developer with one of OEWD’s community based partners. Prospective candidates are matched with employers based on location, desired wage and skill set. Your Job Developer will follow up to discuss your candidate prospects.

How will I know if someone has applied to my jobs?

A distinguishing feature of the Jobs Portal is that only applicants that have been screened by a Job Developer from one of a City funded Access Point will be allowed to submit applications to your position. When an application is submitted to your job you will receive an email notification from the Jobs Portal with a link to view the application. If you’re interested in connecting with a candidate you can contact your job developer to set up an interview or change the application stage to reflect that you want an interview.

Can I connect the candidate directly?

To be sure that you are receiving the best quality experience we ask that candidates not be contacted directly instead the Jobs Portal provides you with access to a job developer at a City funded Access Point to provide you with no cost candidate screening and help with managing the recruitment process.

What is the First Source Hiring Program?

The First Source Hiring Program was enacted into law in 1998 to connect recently laid off and economically disadvantaged individuals with entry level jobs. These jobs are generated by the City and County of San Francisco's investments, including:

  • Any activity that requires discretionary action by the City’s Planning Commission related to a commercial activity over 25,000 square feet
  • Any building permits applications for a residential project over 10 units
  • City issued public construction contracts in excess of $350,000
  • City contracts for goods and services in excess of $50,000
  • Leases of City property
  • Grants and loans issued by City departments in excess of $50,000

On the registration page you will notice questions connected to the First Source Hiring Program, if none of the criteria apply, you can select the checkbox next to “none of these apply”. If you’re unsure if any of these apply then you can select the checkbox next to “I don’t Know”. The Business Services Specialist that connects with you after registration will help walk you through whether or not the First Source Hiring Program applies to your situation.

Still have questions? You can learn more Contact business.services@sfgov.org or call us at 415-701-4848 for more information.

What are other services for employers offered by the City?

The Office of Economic and Workforce Development and our City partners offer a number of resources to assist businesses seeking to start, stay and grow in San Francisco:

  • Small Business Assistance

    The San Francisco Business Portal is the ultimate resource for starting, running, and growing a business in our City. With comprehensive information and tailored tools, the portal helps you navigate the process and quickly learn what it takes to be compliant.

    You can always receive customized, one-on-one assistance from the Office of Small Business if you have any questions regarding how to start your business in San Francisco. Services are available by phone, walk-in, and by appointment, M-F, 8am-5pm, at City Hall, Room 110. To schedule an appointment, please call 415-554-6134, or email, sbac@sfgov.org. All services are available in English, Chinese and Spanish.

  • Financing

    Financial assistance is available for entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses in San Francisco. The City offers affordable financing to eligible businesses, and partners with community lenders, Working Solutions and Bay Area Small Business Finance, to provide businesses with technical assistance, affordable financing, and support.

    For information about our grant programs, please visit the Invest in Neighborhood Website.

  • Training and Technical Assistance

    There are many local economic development organizations throughout San Francisco that are funded to provide technical assistance, training and loan packaging services for small businesses. Through a vast network of business support organizations, individuals can access classes and one-on-one assistance on a variety of topics, including business planning, financial management, marketing, human resources, and legal services.

    Visit the Small Business Assistance Center website for a list of current partners and grantees that provide technical assistance to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

  • Taxpayer Assistance

    The Office of the Treasurer and Tax Collector is the central point of contact for business registration, tax and license information. The office’s Doing Business in San Francisco resources provide helpful information to start-ups and established businesses alike regarding business registration, licenses, property and business taxes, as well as a host of other business-related information. In person or by phone, customer service representatives are available to help companies meet their local requirements for doing business in San Francisco.

    Legal Compliance

    The Office of Labor Standards Enforcement (OLSE) provides information and assistance in complying with the myriad of local, state and federal business laws, including the Minimum Wage, Paid Sick Leave and Health Access Program Ordinances. OLSE works with businesses to further their understanding of compliance issues and the legal requirements for conducting business in San Francisco.

  • Jobs Squad

    The Jobs Squad helps small businesses save money, navigate City processes, access vital City programs, and stay informed of issues that may affect them. This team of City staff conducts door-to-door outreach to small businesses around the City to connect them with help and information.

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